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The Heart a mass of muscle, whose complexity and functionality leaves the medically uninformed in a state of perplexion and the well-informed questioning and hungry for more details facts and information.

This muscle mass determines the quality of life an individual may lead. The state of health of ones heart controls the bodily functions and ultimately the health of the other organs within the Human body. Similarly, the pathological changes of other organs can impact directly or indirectly on the heart.

There are various tests and investigative procedures that can assess the health of one’s heart. Such tests can be done as an outpatient procedure while other tests may require admission into a hospital that is equipped with a full Cardiac unit which includes a Catheterization Laboratory, Cardiac Intensive Care Unit and a fully operational Cardiac Theatre.

These Cardiac units employ the services of specially trained individual’s viz.:
Cath Lab: a Cardiologist, Clinical Technologist, Radiographer and Nursing Sisters
Cardiac Theatre: a Cardio-Thoracic surgeon, Assistant Surgeon, Cardiac Anaethetist, Perfusionist, Nursing Sisters.
Cardiac Intensive Care Unit: Professional Nursing Sisters, Critical Care Technologist.
With an exception to the Nursing Sisters and the Critical Care Technologist that are employed by the respective Hospitals the other service providers are Independent Practitioners that are registered with the Board of Healthcare Funders and hold their individual Practice Numbers for Medical Aid claims.
All these individuals, however, are fully trained and qualified in the field of Cardiology. They are also fully registered with their respective governmental registering authorities and councils.

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